Healthcare Trends That Continue To Shape The Space, As Shown By PaleBlue’s Attendance At FIME Expo

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PaleBlue at FIME Expo 2018
Image Credit: PaleBlue

Technology has the ability to change the way we discuss, train, measure, and interact with each other. VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) are leading the changes in many industries (healthcare, energy, equipment, to name a few). PaleBlue has just attended FIME, Florida International Medical Expo, in July 2018, and that was a great venue to show the change. The good thing is that most of the technical developments and solutions are helping the Healthcare industry, but the great thing is that these advanced innovations can be used in many – if not all – major industries. Basically, the goal of the conference is to bring all the cutting-edge technologies, new solutions, and business trends to solve some of the technology challenges.

At FIME expo there were products from 1,200+ companies, 40+ countries, and 20,000+ registered participants with promises of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), machine learning, integration, and of course interoperability, and many other products.

At the conference, we handed out our updated mobile-based Augmented Reality X-Ray Toolset (commonly referred to as PaleBlue Vue) app without any instructions. We did this to show how easy it was for the end users to use the product without training. These untrained users were able to look at their own MRI and CT scans in 3D using their own smartphones allowing them to see the scan superimposed and integrated into their own body. Then we asked for feedback and the users said it was simple, easy to use, great tool, fast to use, and “a fantastic tool to help in the communication between doctor and patient”.  When we asked Felix Gorbatsevich (Managing Director) his thoughts of interacting with end users he said “Once again, PaleBlue tools for Healthcare prove to be highly useful for the professionals and patients. It is great to hear we are doing things correctly”.

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It’s never been a more advantaged time for VR/AR software and hardware developers to explore the possibility of partnerships in the billion-dollar events industry. VR and AR present innovative new opportunities for event organisers to create truly unmatched experiences that engage and expand their reach to users – globally.

But that’s just the beginning. VR and AR stand to redefine many industries and how users engage with one another, receiving and give training, increase safety, reduce costs, and much more. Overall, the outlook for 2018 is very bright, and we’re looking forward to pushing the limits of this technology.