PaleBlue Launches EdTech VR Tools at Nordic Edge 2018

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PaleBlue at Nordic Edge 2018
Image Credit: PaleBlue

Nordic Edge Expo was an exciting three-day conference which covered “smart topics” which showcased new technological solutions that will make cities, communities, and modern companies much “smarter, greener, and more efficient”. This expo was the ideal platform for PaleBlue to participate in, since it covered topics like mobility, education, infrastructure, and how technological innovations can be used in a smart city.

The excitement around the conference was that PaleBlue has launched its newest development – VR-based remote educational tools using Oculus Go.

The students who use PaleBlue EdTech choose from a variety of subjects, from Biology to Computer Science, and then take part in lectures and seminars – led by AI instructors. PaleBlue EdTech utilizes speech generation for the automated lecturers and speed recognition so that students could have a purposeful dialog with the AI teachers.

PaleBlue was happy to see how many attendees stopped by the stand, and we were pleasantly surprised to see how many companies approached with very specific situations, questions, and asked for demonstrations of how to address real world issues in learning – which the PaleBlue team did.

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Itay Braha from Bolder shares his experience of using PaleBlue EdTech VR: “This is cool! I can walk up to items in the lecture, and study them. That’s very helpful for the learning process. For me, reading long textbooks tends to be tedious. VR can breathe life into this, by turning the study process into an interactive visual experience.”

When Felix Gorbatsevich (Managing Director of PaleBlue) was asked what his impression was of the show – he responded by saying “Nordic Edge brought together a true global audience of about 5000 suppliers, buyers, decision makers, experts, and fellow companies that are looking to work together to shape the Smart City of tomorrow. It’s great to see how Nordic Edge gathered the best companies who take a forward-thinking approach. Innovation brings us together. I am also glad to see how our EdTech tools are received by the visitors of the conference.”

Nordic Edge Expo aims at being the most important arena in the Nordics for knowledge exchange and inspiration to creators of smarter businesses, societies and smarter cities. Nordic Edge Expo is a platform that brings together the different players in the field and encourages cross-sector cooperation.