PaleBlue Launches VR Full Team Training

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Today we announce the public launch of a new product family, VR Full Team Training.
This is a set of VR and Screen Simulator tools for the Industry. These simulator tools work together, and allow to train large distributed teams, connected from anywhere in the world, to perform large project rehearsals.

VR Full Team Training simulator product family extends the previously introduced PaleBlue training tools for the subsea domain. Joining VR Diver and Dive Control simulators, the following are now available for a complete training package, merging topside and subsea in one unified training session: Mission Control, VR ROV, VR Deck Operations, VR Equipment Operations, and VR Crane Operator.

With all these tools available for individual and group simultaneous trainings, the industrial companies are given the most modern and advanced set of cost-effective training tools to perform SimOps, project rehearsal, and achieve more safety and higher efficiency.

Along with the tools for the industry, PaleBlue provides learning and training solutions ranging from Healthcare to Biotechnology to Safety. PaleBlue’s training solutions are unique because they allow the users to train in multiple environments, for example having practicing commercial diving safety protocols while interactive with crane and ROVs – taking part in the same operation.

PaleBlue solutions have been recognized and approved by numerous organizations like IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association). PaleBlue’s approach allows users to train using industry-approved tools, in normal and emergencies situation, resulting in better efficiency, better preparedness, and lower costs.

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