Peek Inside PaleBlue’s 3D Software Engineering Team

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Tatiana Klimenko, 3D Software Developer, PaleBlue
Photo Credit: PaleBlue

In the picture above: Tatiana Klimenko – 3D Software Developer at PaleBlue.

At PaleBlue, we believe in continuous improvement. And what better way to ease the growth than adding new skilled people to our team? So far, we have been lucky in attracting some great talent.

Recently, our newsfeed team had a chance for a short interview with one of the experienced members of the software design team. She gladly shared with us some things about herself but also some insights into one of the recent projects she worked on.

1. Thank you for giving us some minutes of your time to answer our questions. Could you please tell us about yourself? What was it that led your path into programming?
Sure. My name is Tatiana Klimenko and I am one of the software engineers working for PaleBlue. I knew since I was very young that I wanted to do programming because I love to solve complex problems. The university classes on C# just grew my interest in this area. Even if in the beginning my programming skills were modest, I learned more and more by myself and steadily progressed. All this journey made me realize that I love programming more than other subjects. Naturally, my career followed this direction and currently I work with C# and its application in Unity for simulator development.

2. When did you start your work here at PaleBlue?
My journey with PaleBlue started in July 2018, when I was offered the position of 3D programmer within the Downhole software development team.

3. Is there any project you enjoyed most working for?
It would have to be the Altus Intervention project, a quite recent one. It is about a downhole 3D Visualization tool for which we used some state-of-the-art technologies and impressive 3D tools. To ease the understanding of the project’s needs, Altus invited us to their facilities. Naturally, I got to interact directly with their designers, engineers, and all other end users but also with the other teams working on the same project. Thanks to all of this, we understood our client’s needs much better, even reached a major milestone ahead of schedule.

4. What did you enjoy the most about working on the Altus Intervention project?
It was great that from the very beginning, we could try new ideas and approaches. Another thing I always liked is working with people that love what they’re doing. And on this project we had many passionate teams working together – Altus Intervention, Miles, and PaleBlue, to create the best solution. To top it all off, our client uses what we built and gets its programs to progress as planned. It is good to see that all the time and effort we invested paid off in the end.

5. Using one word, how would you describe your experience working with PaleBlue so far?
I would have to say gripping.

6. One more thing to ask: if you wouldn’t be a 3D developer, what else would you be doing?
The way the human brain works just intrigues and fascinates me. I also just love visual arts. So, if I wouldn’t be a programmer, I would for sure be a cognitive scientist or curator of contemporary art.