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PaleBlue at the FIME Expo
Image Credit: PaleBlue

As an early adopter and developer of AR across healthcare, PaleBlue watches closely on where the industry is heading.

One thing is for sure: change is the only constant, regardless the domain we work for. However, the healthcare sector seems to be facing some of the most frequent changes. What we see now is this industry moving sharper than ever toward a value-based system. The only option that PaleBlue considers under these circumstances is keeping up with the new pace.

For a better insight on the latest trends, we attended the FIME Exposition in Miami, FL.

FIME is the largest international medical trade fair and congress in the United States. This year’s edition took place on June 26-28th and brought together 1100+ companies from 20+ countries.

A nice surprise was seeing that Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Virtuality (AV), AR and AI are being used to a much wider scale than before.

This year’s FIME Exhibition focused on the orthopedics and surgery areas.

Naturally, some of the trends catching our attention too were:

  • Mixed reality for smart surgical glasses, easing the orthopedic navigation surgery.
  • AR for all imaging, such anesthesiologists’ block procedure devices,  allowing a very accurate, safe and precise needle procedure.
  • Handheld & other optimized portable ultrasound devices that immediately capture and display X-ray images. Therefore, the patient does not need to be referenced to a dedicated ultrasound physician. In such cases, the waiting time to get an appointment and the costs on both, the patients and medical system, go down considerably.
  • The South American market (particularly Argentina) has seen a major change in the healthcare industry regulations. More precisely, the current process for obtaining different certificates and product licenses is clearer and faster. Naturally, this only encouraged businesses to innovate more and led to an improvement of the overall products market.

We were excited to see how far the technology got since last year and what our competitors have been up to. The exhibition showed us that businesses are indeed considering more the patients’ needs for better care.

PaleBlue has too concentrated on expanding our AR and VR products portfolio for the healthcare industry.

Based on the various needs of clinics and medical professionals, PaleBlue Vue is helping health professionals to visualize CT and MRI scans on top of patient’s body using AR. As a result, the physicians can take better advantage of the once available-to-gamers only technologies, for the benefit of their patients.

PaleBlue believes that, eventually, it is all about helping the patient, so the downstream benefit is obvious.

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