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PaleBlue has been featured in the July issue of CIO Applications magazine, Simulation Edition, Issue 36.

Recently we shared the news of PaleBlue being recognized as Top 10 Simulation Solutions Providers of 2019. Shortly after, our Managing Director, Felix Gorbatsevich, was asked for an interview by CIO Applications magazine.

The interview addresses a wide number of topics, including PaleBlue’s journey from coming to the market to company’s focusing on simulation products, and benefits of simulator-based training exercises.

There is a number of challenges that prevail across industries, in construction, manufacturing, and particularly healthcare. One of them is retaining talent while increasing competencies as well as knowledge transfer.Felix Gorbatsevich

At PaleBlue we take pride in daring to express and test all the ideas we have about better tools for design, training and operations. Presenting and discussing these ideas is what allows us to come up with products that benefits businesses and end-users alike.

[A simulation] system can build a team exercise while ensuring that everyone involved in the virtual case understands their roles and is trained during the process, thus increasing the competencies and overall operation excellence.Felix Gorbatsevich

As Thomas Edison once said, the value of an idea lies in the using of it and what you are will show in what you do.

Read the interview at CIO website.

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