Public Launch of Multiplayer Virtual Reality Training

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PaleBlue at the Bergen Diving Seminar 2017
Image Credit: PaleBlue

PaleBlue publicly launches VR Diver Multiplayer Edition at the Bergen Diving Seminar 2017, world’s largest event in commercial diving.

The presentation was done on 15 November as a hands-on demonstration of two VR Diver stations, a Dive Control supervisor station, a Habitat supervisor station, and an ROV station – all synchronized in the same operation, with communication between all participants.

Divers and Diving Supervisors were invited from the audience to use the PaleBlue simulators. We’ve shown a real operation segment, following a real-life procedure. The feedback to this demonstration has been overwhelmingly positive.

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We’d like to thank the demo participants for outstanding performance and the audience for the warm reception.