PaleBlue Introduces Training for Air Dive Supervisors at YDK 2018

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PaleBlue at YDK 2018
Image Credit: PaleBlue

PaleBlue was invited to participate in this year’s YDK 2018 (Norwegian National Conference for Professional Diving), organized by Norwegian Underwater Institute, NUI. This is a unique event, as it is made up of seasoned professionals, recent graduates, current students, educators from training facilities. The organizers have pushed for a truly interactive conference which the attendees really appreciated.

The diving industry is a exciting sector, in which new technologies play a crucial role. PaleBlue digital simulator technologies bring innovative solutions to Air diving sector of the diving industry. This allows to reproduce exact diving scenarios, increase safety, reduce costs, and allow employees to train more.

PaleBlue announced Dive Control Simulator for Air Diving at YDK 2018. PaleBlue has demonstrated the Air Diving training system for the first time, also allowing conference participants to try the panels out for themselves.

Photo Credit: PaleBlue

Air Diving Dive Control is a follow-up to the proven Saturation Diving training simulator by PaleBlue, launched in 2017. The Saturation system has seen wide acceptance by the schools and diving companies worldwide. Air Diving system is a much-expected development addressing the needs of training in air diving segment. The system comes in a smaller form factor, suiting to low space requirements, while still giving the full operational realism and touch-based interaction.

PaleBlue presentations were done as a hands-on demonstration of Air Dive Control, two VR Diver stations, and an ROV station – all synchronized in the same operation, with communication between all participants. The goal was to have have the professionals actually use the systems and see how it helps them prepare.

Photo Credit: PaleBlue

At this conference, Dr. Felix Gorbatsevich, the Managing Director of PaleBlue, along with his colleagues were working directly with the participants, answering questions, and demonstrating PaleBlue solutions – by allowing the attendees to use the simulators.

When we asked Felix for his thoughts, he said “It was exciting being in a conference that encouraged interaction. We had users who were true veterans, over 40 years in the industry, using an interactive simulator for the first time, seeing their reactions along with excitement, and hearing how they could use this with their current and future project. We had younger users, some just finishing their diving studies, saying how they would be perfect for their school, practicing, and trying new things at their own speed. We even had some teachers shock us by saying our simulators are a truly fascinating experience!”

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Rolf Røssland, the Managing Director of NUI, noticed how much the audience interacted and said “the attendees are seeing the benefits of using simulators. Benefit from using the simulators range from increase safety in the workplace, speeding up training times, to reducing training costs.”

Photo Credit: PaleBlue

When Dr. Gorbatsevich was asked what he thought about showing the Virtual Reality solutions to end-users, he said “The use of diving simulators to the divers and their support teams has shown that the Virtual Reality can contribute not just to common forms of training, but also to specialized situation training. Until today, the high complexity of diving operations prevented true computer simulators from being applied to training.” PaleBlue was able to demonstrate how introducing consecutive emergencies can facilitate better preparedness and higher cost-efficiency for the diving companies, their personnel, teams, and their customers.