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Paleblue announces a new platform to train soft skills.

PaleBlue has  expanded its offerings from industrial and professional training to soft skill training, to offer a set of tools for every company and every employee to have a competitive advantage by exercising human skills.

“Developing human capabilities to drive value creation proves to be especially important in a turbulent economy, which is most certainly the case in 2020” says Felix Gorbatsevich, Managing Director of PaleBlue. “ Conducting such training is challenging in a time of COVID-19 crisis and social distancing. But even if we set epidemic issues aside, it is still very clear that the conventional methods are often not very effective.”

PaleBlue’s Soft Skill Training Platform offers a modern way to train soft skills by replacing live conversation or problem solving training activities with computer graphics and virtual interaction in 3D, customizable to any company needs. Virtual characters come up to the trainee, presenting challenges that the trainee has to solve.

The soft skill platform is built on the web technology, making it accessible on virtually any device, whether it’s a PC, a tablet, a mobile phone, or a VR headset. 3Dtechnology makes it much more immersive, emotionally stimulating and more fun for most people: from courses on improving front-desk staff’s ability to resolve problems, to learning what to do in emergencies.

PaleBlue’s Soft Skill Training Platform has already proven to be very useful for the Oslo Municipality, who have chosen PaleBlue to develop a virtual model for the Alna district community center, with soft skill training for the employees of Oslo Municipality.

The Soft Skill Training Platform of PaleBlue is an innovative and very practical set of tools  that becomes available to all current and future customers of PaleBlue.

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