VR Interact

PaleBlue VR Interact simulates physics of hands and fingers, enabling complex physical interaction actions with the physical objects of your environment.

Traditional way


Relies mainly on point & click interfaces. The interactions are either greatly simplified or made animation. There is no combining sensor data with hand physics modelling

PaleBlue Way


Emphasis is on providing an accurate and complex interaction. Simulates hands and fingers’ physics, allowing to perform complex physical interaction actions with the physical objects of the environment

PaleBlue Platform

The PaleBlue VR Interact technology opens the path to complex physical actions.

All movements of hands and fingers are accurately simulated, thus allowing you a very precise interaction with your environment.

Options for interaction

Our technology allows you to interact with the objects through:

– Button presses

– Gripping and lifting with fingers, including turning levers, handles and valves

– Taking light objects using hands and carrying them

– Pushing heavy objects

– Other complex interactions (plugging and unplugging, etc.)
Steering wheel rotation




We can tailor the technology to meet the exact needs of your project. VR Interact can also be used together with other technologies in the PaleBlue Simulation platform to provide the best simulation experience.

For example, you can import your CAD models with CAD Direct, add any physical limits of the movement using Physics Plus and have a ready-to-use object right away.

Interact in a realistic way with your VR environment

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