VR FreeRoam

PaleBlue VR FreeRoam technology enables the usage of VR standalone devices fully wireless for both, single-player and multi-player simulation.

Traditional way

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With tethered solutions, PC based, walking within the area for simulation depends entirely on the headset's cable length. Other competitor solutions allow roaming but with the help of a PC you carry in a backpack.

PaleBlue Way

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You can walk any length, in any direction, within your area designated for simulation, without having to carry anything more than a mobile VR headset.

PaleBlue Platform

The PaleBlue VR FreeRoam technology allows all participants in a simulation session to move freely in an open layout.

You can walk and and physically explore the entire simulated environment. Simulation will not be affected and no heavy or complex VR equipment is needed.

The minimum hardware setup the player needs can be covered, for example, by a Oculus Quest VR headset and hand controllers.

Freedom to interact

With this technology, you not only explore freely your surroundings, but you can also interact with all other players in the simulation.

There is no restriction to the number of participants that can explore their surrounding area, without physical limitations to their environment.

Everyone sees the same simulated environment, but from each one’s perspective.

All players are free to move in any direction within their physical environment and each one’s movements will reflect accordingly within the simulation, to all other participants.

Sharing the same scene in real-life and VR

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Walking in PaleBlue VR is no different from real-life free walk


As with the other technologies under the PaleBlue platform, VR FreeRoam can too be tailored to better meet your project needs.

That is possible due to its connection to the other solutions we have for a best-in-class simulation experience.

Starting point is the VR FreeSense which provides the support to widest range of VR devices, controllers and platforms for a full-body expression and movement in VR.

Afterward, through our Smart Avatar solution you will use a minimal number of sensors to model ad create full avatar body in VR, with minimum hardware setup.

Physics Plus, VR FlexBody and VR Interact work then together to help you obtain the most accurate physical modelling of a player’s full body and complete environment.

Eventually, with the help of VR Connect you will get an unrestricted number of avatars present in the same unlimited number of VR simulations, for a complete multi-role training.

Explore the VR landscape freely

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