Growing Potential of the Asia-Pacific Market

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Singapore panorama

PaleBlue diving simulators have been demonstrated at IMCA Seminar in Singapore. We have run a multi-discipline demo showing VR Diver and Dive Control Simulator working together. The focus was on reproducing a stressful situation with multiple emergencies and alarms, and seeing how the operator would react. We have called in participants from the audience to operate the simulators. In this … Read More

Disruptive Virtual Reality Tools for the Bio-Chemical Industry

PaleBlue NewsroomPress Releases

PaleBlue Molecular VR

Study and manipulation of protein molecular structures in 3D using Virtual Reality, as presented at the Nordic Edge 2017 conference in Stavanger. Professor Lutz Eichacker presented Molecular VR toolkit. The product is a joint development between PaleBlue and Centre for Organelle Research (CORE) at the University of Stavanger.

UK Market Assesses Training Simulators

PaleBlue NewsroomPress Releases

PaleBlue at IMCA Diving Seminar in London

PaleBlue has demonstrated its Dive Control Simulator (DCS) at the IMCA Diving Seminar in London this week. The simulator has been shown in its latest form, with built-in scenarios, procedures and checklists. We were glad to get a lot of positive feedback and interest from the participants. This presentation has been a joint effort of PaleBlue, DiveSource and NYD. We’d … Read More

PaleBlue Secures UK Market

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Sarah Hutcheon of DiveSource and Felix Gorbatsevich of PaleBlue.

DiveSource Ltd becomes an agent representing PaleBlue products and services in the UK, as the agreement is signed between the two companies. DiveSource is an international offshore crewing and diving consultancy providing highly competent Client Representatives to the Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Renewables Industry. DiveSource is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. In this photo: Sarah Hutcheon of DiveSource and … Read More

PaleBlue Simulators Recognized by IMCA

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International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) recognized PaleBlue DCS

PaleBlue is proud to announce that its Dive Control Simulator is now recognized by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) as a Class B simulator for Dive Control. This means a lot to us. The users of our product can now be confident that it is built in accordance with the requirements of the diving industry. This Class B simulator … Read More

Securing Investment from Valide Invest

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Validé Invest invests PaleBlue

Validé Invest puts two million Norwegian kroner in investment into PaleBlue, a company developing advanced 3D simulation and visualization systems. One million of this investment comes from Validé’s pre-seed money. The head of Validé Invest, Bjarte Magnussen, says that Validé Invest thus gives PaleBlue the necessary capital to begin the commercialization of its first major product. PaleBlue’s deliveries will make … Read More

Dive Control Development Starts

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Lars W. Wroldsen (NYD), Xiaohong Guan (ISC), Svein R. Reinhardtsen (PaleBlue), Andy Clegg (ISC), Felix Gorbatsevich (PaleBlue), Dag Wroldsen (NYD).

PaleBlue has run a Kick-Off workshop for the collaborating companies in the Dive Control Simulator project. Three companies have attended: PaleBlue from Stavanger in Norway, Norwegian School of Commercial Diving NYD from Oslo, and Industrial Systems and Control from Glasgow, Scotland. In this picture, taken at the new simulator facilities at NYD, left to right: Lars W. Wroldsen (NYD), Xiaohong … Read More

PaleBlue is a partner of NYD – Norwegian School of Commercial Diving

PaleBlue NewsroomPress Releases

PaleBlue is a partner of Norwegian School of Commercial Diving

In this picture, Lars W. Wroldsen of NYD and Felix Gorbatsevich of PaleBlue, along with two diving course students, present the Virtual Reality gear intended for simulator-based training. PaleBlue and NYD are collaborating on the Dive Control Simulator project for training of diving supervisors. At the same time, we are working on modernizing the training of industrial divers. Building on … Read More