Dive Control Development Starts

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Lars W. Wroldsen (NYD), Xiaohong Guan (ISC), Svein R. Reinhardtsen (PaleBlue), Andy Clegg (ISC), Felix Gorbatsevich (PaleBlue), Dag Wroldsen (NYD).

PaleBlue has run a Kick-Off workshop for the collaborating companies in the Dive Control Simulator project. Three companies have attended: PaleBlue from Stavanger in Norway, Norwegian School of Commercial Diving NYD from Oslo, and Industrial Systems and Control from Glasgow, Scotland. In this picture, taken at the new simulator facilities at NYD, left to right: Lars W. Wroldsen (NYD), Xiaohong … Read More

PaleBlue is a partner of NYD – Norwegian School of Commercial Diving

PaleBlue NewsroomPress Releases

PaleBlue is a partner of Norwegian School of Commercial Diving

In this picture, Lars W. Wroldsen of NYD and Felix Gorbatsevich of PaleBlue, along with two diving course students, present the Virtual Reality gear intended for simulator-based training. PaleBlue and NYD are collaborating on the Dive Control Simulator project for training of diving supervisors. At the same time, we are working on modernizing the training of industrial divers. Building on … Read More